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Educators wishing to share Yoga Tools with students can do so after completing Module 1 and any/all of the other modules offered (Module 5 is not currently offered and is not a prerequisite module).

For those wishing to go further with Yoga Tools and become a program Leader (able to instruct other educators at their workplace), Cert 1 Training is offered.

Cert 2 & 3 Trainings are offered to those who wish to instruct Yoga Tools as part of the Yoga Tools For Schools Team.

Cert 1 - Program Leader

YTFS is now offering a Program Leader certification for those educators who would like to support other staff and colleagues in sharing Yoga Tools in their workplace. To ensure that those trained as Program Leaders have a full understanding of the YTFS model, we require that all modules (1, 2, 3 & 4) have been completed prior to the participation in this training. It is essential that those representing YTFS are able to deliver a full appreciation of learning stages and which yoga tools will best support the teaching process. This understanding enables our Leaders to share how social and emotional awareness / management strategies evolve as our students grow from bright eyed preps to complex and capable young adults.

YTFS Program Leaders are:

  • trained to share the YTFS framework, wellbeing keys and a selection of Yoga Tools with staff & colleagues;
  • permitted to copy and share select documentation with your chosen work / school community;
  • listed on the YTFS website as being an active and certified program leader at a specific location;
  • given the option to list your affiliated school or work location as a 'YTFS School' on the YTFS website.

To learn more about our current YTFS Program Leaders click here.

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