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YTFS Professional Development Trainings are generally held at a Host School. Host Schools are those schools who offer their facilities for our trainings.

Commonly library areas or areas with desks and an area to do some yoga are used. Yoga Tools For Schools will provide afternoon tea, but we are grateful if an urn, jug or microwave is available for us to use for hot beverages.

Host Schools receive one free training place.

Please note that this has been reduced from 2 free places as of the 19 July 2017.

Other organisations are also welcome to host YTFS PD Trainings, as long as a space with desks and an area for yoga are provided, along with bathroom facilities and a light coloured wall/screen to show our accompanying slideshow presentation.

If you would like to offer your school as a Host School for one or more of our Professional Development Trainings, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will organise to visit your school and discuss hosting options with your school representative. We will provide your school with our insurance documentation and we will document any special requirements that we are to abide with in our School Facility Use Agreement Form, which is co-signed by us and your school representative.

We look forward to sharing our Feel Great Yoga Tools with your school.

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Thank you to our current YTFS Corporate Sponsor.

Yoga Tools For Schools Inc. is currently funded by sponsors and ongoing community fundraising. We are seeking more funding to expand our programs to ensure that all interested educators can experience the benefits of using Yoga Tools. Visit our Sponsor page to find out more. Contact us if you would like to become a YTFS Sponsor.

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