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YT4LL Program - Stream 1 Complete

We have been excited to share our first ever Yoga Tools For Learning & Life (YT4LL) program with Early Learning Centres in the Communities for Children Townsville West catchment in Semester 2, 2016.

These centres have been supportive as we venture into this important phase of development for Yoga Tools For Schools Inc.

Some feedback from the Centres includes the following:

  • Centres are utilising Breathing Tools and Guided Relaxations to calm and settle before rest times. Children are learning body awareness and educators are realising that they can self-manage at the same time.
  • Other educators are responding to the way that the children respond to the tools, when utilised by the PD educators. They are watching the PD educators model the Yoga Tools and their own mannerisms change as a result (noticable stress reduction). The other educators become calmer, they have a shift in awareness.
  • Yoga Tools displays are helping with enrollments. Parents are seeing the inclusion of yoga in the Centre's curriculum as a reason to enroll their children.

This feedback is great and although they do not have centrewide Yoga Tools practises in place (as yet) the effects of Yoga Tools are becoming evident throughout the centres.

As we continue to learn from the experiences of these centres, our programs will evolve and improve.

We thank all educators involved in the YT4LL Stream 1 Program for their continued enthusiasm and patience as they incorporate Yoga Tools into their work and home lives.




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