Professional Development

When used in education, yoga is a system that teaches self-awareness, self-care and self-management by tuning into the body, the breath and the mind.

The purpose of Yoga Tools For Schools Professional Development Training Programs is to:

  • Understand that yoga is a mind-body system about honouring and supporting oneself in order to be the best one can be
  • Empower educators to use Yoga Tools along with students to model the importance of self care and experience the benefits of yoga breaks
  • Inspire educators to use Yoga Tools to support and improve productivity during lesson time rather than use yoga as a supplemental activity
  • Introduce educators to Yoga Tools with the intention to nourish, balance and support teaching and learning.

Wellbeing Workshops

As an introduction to Yoga Tools and the benefits of Yoga in general, we offer our Wellbeing Workshops to all educators, staff, parents and carers associated with the participating schools/organisations/centres.

These 90 minute workshops include:
1. 40 minute yoga session (no yoga experience required)
2. 20 minute introduction to YTFS
3. 30 minute Yoga Tools practical session

We encourage all staff/parents/carers to come along to these workshops. For some, yoga is a unknown and foreign concept and that is why we offer these Wellbeing Workshops, to introduce people to the benefits of Yoga in Education. Anyone that is uncomfortable with participating in the workshops does not have to join in, they can just sit comfortably at the side and see what is involved.
We do not tell attendees that they have to wear gym wear or even shoes as there is no jumping around, attendees can just wear some comfortable clothing. There will be parts of the session that involve yoga on yoga mats and optionally on chairs, other parts are on chairs. Yoga Tools are all about feeling good about yourself, managing your own wellbeing and being able to then share that with your children/students.
Those with injuries are encouraged to sit comfortably and observe. Yoga can support many types of injuries but always at the advice of a doctor.

Other Programs

In order to better support the needs of educators and educational institutions, Yoga Tools For Schools Inc. is learning how educators are currently implementing self-awareness and self-management strategies.

Subsequently, in addition to our Professional Development Trainings & Wellbeing Workshops, Yoga Tools For Schools Inc. are developing further programs such as In-Service Programs to suit the needs of schools and other educational institutions.

These programs will provide support to educational institutions, forming part of their Wellbeing Framework.

YTFS and the Australian Curriculum

YTFS is aligning programs with the Personal and Social Capability component of the Australian National Curriculum and how important this is as a foundation for learning.

The personal and social capability component of the National Curriculum is organised into four interrelated elements:



Social awareness

Social management

Yoga Tools For Schools Inc. Professional Development and other training programs (future) offer theory and practice in supporting educators and students with self-awareness and self-management strategies.

Our trainings are two fold ... supporting educators personally and also how this supports the learning experience for students.

YTFS connects directly with the curriculum's valuable statement…

Students with well-developed social and emotional skills find it easier to manage themselves, relate to others, develop resilience and a sense of self worth, resolve conflict, engage in teamwork, feel positive about themselves and the world around them. The development of personal and social capability is a foundation for learning and citizenship.

~ excerpt from ACARA - Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority

We would love your feedback if you wish to share! Contact us with any comments or suggestions you may have. Thank-you in advance as any input is invaluable.

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