Providing Effective Education

Working Together to Provide Effective Education

The Australian Education system is continuously working on ways to provide effective education for our students.

Queensland Education Summit - Brisbane
25 September 2014
National Framework for Values Education in Australian Schools 

450 delegates from a broad cross section of the Queensland Community including teachers, principles, parents, unions, non-state school sectors, universities, industry associations, government representatives and state members of parliament attended this summit.

Group workshops identified the following top 10 aspects of education that should be addressed.

  1. Teaching Quality - mentoring, coaching, professional development, non-teaching time.
  2. Engagement and connections - within schools and with parents/communities.
  3. Focus on the whole child - social and emotional development
  4. Diversity - rural and remote, individual learning needs
  5. School Leadership - improved quality
  6. Funding - Needs based
  7. Student skills - critical thinking, entrepreneurship,
  8. Student Needs - identifying and responding to individual needs
  9. Information technology - improved access and
  10. School autonomy - Independent Public Schools

Effective values education:

  1. helps students understand and be able to apply values such as care and compassion; doing your best; fair go; freedom; honesty and trustworthiness; integrity; respect; responsibility and understanding, tolerance and inclusion;
  2. is an explicit goal of schooling that promotes Australia’s democratic way of life and values the diversity in Australian schools;
  3. articulates the values of the school community and applies these consistently in the practices of the school;
  4. occurs in partnership with students, staff, families and the school community as part of a whole- school approach to educating students, enabling them to exercise responsibility and strengthening their resilience;
  5. is presented in a safe and supportive learning environment in which students are encouraged to explore their own, their school’s and their communities’ values; creativity;
  6. is delivered by trained and resourced teachers able to use a variety of different models, modes and strategies; better use
  7. includes the provision of curriculum that meets the individual needs of students; and
  8. regularly reviews the approaches used to check that they are meeting the intended outcomes.

In order to achieve positive outcomes, educators must be supported with Tools to both model and share these values.

The purpose of Yoga Tools For Schools Professional Development Trainings is to:

  • Understand that yoga is a mind-body system about honouring and supporting oneself in order to be the best one can be;
  • Empower educators to use Yoga Tools along with students to model the importance of self-care and experience the benefits of yoga breaks;
  • Inspire educators to use Yoga Tools to support and improve productivity during lesson time rather than just use yoga as a supplemental activity;
  • Introduce educators to Yoga Tools with the intention to nourish, balance and support learning.

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